Furniture Industry

29 January 2020


Everyone has the right to sit at will. It's a philosophy we've been working on since its inception in 1945, when we designed our first office chair.

Over the years, this has turned into a concept that we have chosen to call "Beyond ergonomics", but we really don't need to say anything. All you have to do is sit down. The rest of the work does the chair. This is Savo. Enjoy the difference. Floating tilt: allows you to sit as you wish.
The Savo Floating VippTM concept means allowing movement, stimulating it and providing support where and when needed. That a chair constantly follows the movement of the body, rather than the other way around, is best for the body is an obvious thing. All Savo work chairs are equipped with a multi-dynamic seat mechanism in which the seat and backrest follow your movements independently.

For more information contact Mrs Amanda Kälvehed, Area Manager:

SE-11250 STOCKHOLM / Sweden
Tel. +46 76 5360903
E-mail: ak@savo.se